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Messagepar Seattle » 29 Déc 2017, 08:34


The Knucklers... made it to the top 4 last season. What about this season?

UFA PERIOD- GM Lada had big shoes to fill this season, if the club was going to take the next step and get to the playoff finals. UFA was another tough one, but $10 Million was the cost to resign RW Bill Maguire. This left little room for added improvements. LW Kyle Rossiter and his two way play could help change up the Pro roster, but will be a great asset to the farm club. If injuries become a concern, he will see Pro ice time.

PRE SEASON- Coach Terry Murray had his way as he tried to put lines together. On some nights, he seemed like a genius, while others he was arms in the air wondering what he could do to get this team moving forward. GM Lada came in and spoke to Murray.... we got a deal on the table, I need your thoughts on it. The deal was with Nashville, and would include Knucklers defenseman, Ronny Stenner for Nashvilles Centerman, Jan Fadrny and LW Vadim Sozinov, and also included a swap in picks. Murray felt the deal could be made. This is what he said.

Terry Murray, " Hate to lose Stenner, but we have a couple young guys on the farm which have great potential. Sozinov will give our team more depth and scoring, while Fadrny has the face off skills we need. My thoughts, deal done."

During the 10 game exhibition, Vadim Sozinov did not disappoint. 4G 9A 13PTS +5 as he played with new line mates on each given night. Jan Fadrny didn't see quality ice time, but did have a goal during the 10 games. Captain Dave Bernier was again, front and center for the team, 7G 8A 15PTS +2 was a good showing that he will again lead this team. Bill Maguire only saw 7 games as he was injured during the pre season, but managed 3G 2A 5PTS -2 during that period. GM Lada had him in all types of rolls and with different line combinations.

The teams 'Diamond in the rough', LW Lenni Houkonen... what will he add to this club this season? With but only 4 assists and a -4 during the exhibition, can he take that next step in this tough league? Terry Murray summed it up...." He wants to win...hates losing...sometimes his work ethic needs a push, but this guy has been in the gym, and on the ice during the off season more than anyone on the team... he could be that diamond this season we've hoped he'd become."

So, the question is...are the Knucklers better then last season. YES. :D How much better is yet to be seen.

I'm Chris Kringle reporting, hope the season was good to you, cause you know the Knucklers aint given ya any gifts this season.
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