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Chew Returns for Visit to ANHS Toilet....Edmonton!

MessagePublié: 12 Jan 2018, 13:41
par Vancouver
Jess Chew has made a miraculous recovery from a torn ACL suffered in the pre-season after only 3 games. Chew credits his recovery to the Vancouver Sith unrivaled medical facilities and staff.

Chew on the recovery
I've never seen a hockey program with this level of medical expertise, with out question the best in the ANHS! They turned a season ender into missing only the first 3 games, hats off to the Sith staff. I look forward to getting 'er going tonight against Edmonton.

Chew makes his season debut against the hated-despised division rival Oilers tonight and was practicing on the 3rd line with Nielsen and Snetsinger this morning, Coach Gretzky most likely will ease Chew back in for a couple games before getting back to his 1st line role along side team points leaders Johnson and Albelin. Ramsay will get the start and rookie Litvinov will be a healthy scratch.

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