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Baltimore Thunder waive:
D - Alexander Idirshev (76OV)
Edmonton Oilers waive:
G - Duncan MacPherson (79OV)
Atlanta Thrashers waive:
D - Travis Richard (77OV)
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

from St. Pats is injured (Strained Left Elbow) and is out for 1 week.
from River Blades is injured (Bruised Left Arm) and is out for 3 days.
from Lynx is injured (Bruised Right Foot) and is out for 2 weeks.
was cleared from waivers and was sent to down farm.
was cleared from waivers and was sent to down farm.
from Thrashers is injured (Strained Left Elbow) and is out for 1 days.
from Canadiens injured (Exhaustion)
Oilers show interest from waiver.
is placed on waivers.
is placed on waivers.
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LW - 73 OV
$500,000 (3)
D - 77 OV
$840,000 (5)
C,LW - 87 OV
$16,560,000 (1)
RW - 74 OV
$500,000 (1)
C - 78 OV
$500,000 (3)
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ANHS Player Stars
ANHS Stars of the night - Day 45
3G 0A 7S
2G 1A 5S
2G 1A 5S
LMNA Stars of the night - Day 45
3G 0A 7S
2G 2A 8S
2G 1A 5S
Upcoming Games - Day 46 of 120
(12-13-5, 29 p)
G. Louder 31 P
G. Louder 19 G
E. Johnson 21 A
(8-18-4, 20 p)
(13-8-9, 35 p)
(10-17-2, 22 p)
D. Gibson 41 P
D. Gibson 13 G
D. Gibson 28 A
(14-11-4, 32 p)
(12-13-3, 27 p)
(9-15-5, 23 p)
Las Vegas
(17-7-5, 39 p)
June 20, 2017 12:59pm
State of the Sith Report
17-9-3 at the 29 game mark, has management pleasantly surprised. With all the changes that took place since last years cup run expectations were pretty low going into season 23 with the youth movement. But the old guys are really stepping up. 37yr old Sith veteran Martin Ethier is having an incredible start to the season, 21-28-49 points. His output is a blessing and GM Edwards is glad he hung onto the centreman after there was some question to keep Maguire over him. Perennial Norris nominee (always a bridesmaid never a bride) Josh Olson is having a stellar start 33pts in 28 games. Stefan Albelin 15g 30pts in 26 games and Greg Walters 10g and 29pts in 29 games get honourable mentions for their contributions to the highest scoring team in the ANHS. 110 goals for and a plus 32 on the season thus far. but it's not all about offense, the retooled back end has complimented Neil Ramsay well. Tied for 2nd fewest goals against new comers Martin Keefe, Lance Roberts and underrated 18yr old super rookie Carlpeter Pilut (too bad consistent solid defence doesn't get recognized in the Calder race) all sporting a plus in the plus/minus stat.

The Sith survived an injury crisis and have now gotten all their players back and healthy. But with the deals GM Edwards made to get through the crisis he now has a couple players too many and will be working the trade market to try and move some veterans. Reports are that Zhlutkov, Cheevers and/or Burke are all up for trade.

Next game tonight is against the Winnipeg Jets, the same Jets that STOLE the Thouin Cup from the city of Vancouver! Ramsay gets his 27th start of the season.

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